The Zaurus Games Review is an online games review magazine devoted to review and present desktop games for the Sharp Zaurus PDA.

Why do we need such a magazine you might ask?
Well, I often find that I look for a nice new program to try. I go to the many download pages as for example the Zaurus Software Index at www.killefiz.de/zaurus/ but don't know what to download. Or I download a couple of programs ... install them on the Zaurus ... just to run out of memory ... again ... just to delete some of my favourite programs ... again ... and then to notice that the new game I just got is crap ... again ...

To prevent you from experiencing the same too often I decided to put some game reviews on this page. If you check out a program on our pages, the Zaurus Games Review, you can be sure that it is tested and if you decide to download or even buy it you get what you expected.

As there are already plenty of games out there which clearly I cannot all test alone, any help of you is welcome. So if you want to join the reviewers team just drop us a mail. The same is of course true if you just wrote a fantastic game and want it to be reviewed or to become more recognized. Of course also all praise, critics and suggestions are welcome!

I hope we can help you to enjoy all the happy little games out there even more.

Happy gaming,