Review of Word Search (v1.0)

Game type:
1 player
Brief summary:
Smooth and easy game play
No special features
Very simple design
Too few words
Long lasting
Download page:
You will probably like this game if you like puzzles and search games.

Merriam-Webster Word Search is the word search game you know from many puzzle magazines and newspapers. You have to find and connect words hidden in a field of random letters. The words can appear in any direction either backwards or forwards. The set of words can be chosen from a list of nearly 30 categories.

The game profits from its pen and paper puzzle origin. If you are interested in these puzzles you probably look forward to an implementation of them on a mobile device. The implementation of the game is very straightforward. And this is already the main good and bad point about it. On the positive side is that that game runs smoothly and you have no problems playing it. The many categories seem to offer a lot of choice for playing. Furthermore, the game board is presented clearly and the finding and marking of the words is easy.

However, being a straightforward implementation also indicates that there is absolutely nothing special at the game. The graphics is very plain without any special features. The game lacks any options like variable board sizes, variable number of words to search and in particular it lacks a decent highscore or even scoring part which could keep you playing (a score is given for each screen tap you do - which should be identical to the number of words on the display if you are not very tap-happy). Also the quite large number of categories hide the fact that there are actually not many words per category and you play them over and over again. Something to note is also that the game installs not into the games but into the applications menu so that I had problems finding it at the beginning;-)

Variable board sizes, different word number, more words, levels and a decent highscore system might have made this game very interesting. So overall, the game is a bit simple. However, if you love word search puzzles and have a lot of long train or plane journeys you might want to have a look at it.


reviewed by M. Heni & P. Lachette, July 2003