Atomic (Play Game Online)

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The Game

Reassemble molecules from compound atoms by sliding them around. To see how the molecule you are supposed to make looks like, take a look at the upper right corner. To play - click on an atom. You will see green arrows pointing in the directions where atom can move. To move the atom, click on the desired arrow. When an atom starts moving, it will not stop until it hits another atom or a wall.

You can assemble your molecule wherever you like on the game board, but some places are easier to access than others. When the molecule is assembled, the level is won and a score is awarded.

Note, that you can enter your name in the menu bar. Doing this before a highscore is won, will log this score under your name as personal highscore (all your games) and as global highscore (all players). 

Note, this is the online version of the KDE game KAtomic. Please also try the KAtomic game!

You can also lookup solutions to the KAtomic game.