Diamond (Play Game Online)

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The Game

Align three or more pieces of the same type in any horizontal or vertical. Pieces are moved by clicking on them to active them and then clicking on the destination field (piece). The destination field must be one of the horizontal or vertical direct neighbors of the selected piece (if any other piece is clicked the selection is shifted there). A move to the destination field will swap both pieces. However, the move is only possible if a row or column of three is created by the move (either by the moved or by the swapped piece). Otherwise the selection is moved to the neighboring field.

If a row or column of three or more pieces of the same type is created they are removed from the board. The empty places are refilled by moving all pieces above the holes downwards until all holes are filled. Holes at the top of the game board are filled with new random pieces. A time bonus is given for removing pieces.

The amount of different types of pieces depends on the level of the game. It typically starts with four different pieces and increases every second level until seven different pieces are reached. The more types of pieces are on the game board the harder it becomes to align them.

Each level has a given time limit which is displayed by the countdown field. If the time reaches zero the level is ended. Each level indicates how many swaps are necessary by the swap counter. If this amount is not reached when the time runs out the game is over. If enough pieces were removed the next level is started. A basic amount of time is awarded for each level. This time is higher if a level introduces new pieces and lower if a level replays with the same pieces. The more pieces had been removed in the previous level (the higher the score) the more bonus time the next level starts with.

A score is awarded for removing pieces. The more pieces are removed with one move the higher the score can become. This score includes pieces which are automatically removed by falling down pieces. Additionally, the score can increase with higher levels.

Note, that you can enter your name in the menu bar. Doing this before a highscore is won, will log this score under your name as personal highscore (all your games) and as global highscore (all players). 

Note, this is the online version of the KDE game KDiamond. Please also try this KDE game KDiamond!