Free Online Games

Free Online Coffee Break Games in Java

On this page you can find some Java games which can be played online and for free. Several of these games are online demonstration versions of KDE games.

The games offer usually several game modes, (e.g. the online demo mode in which the computer plays against itself). Choose any of the links in the game section to play or choose a variant.

Most games offer a javascript and a non javscript version. The javascript version is recommended and stores your personal score in a cookie (cookies and javascript need to be enabled for this game mode).  Note, that the Java plugin (version 1.5 or higher) for your webbrowser must be installed to play these games.


NOTE: The games on this site are moved over to Android apps. Please see

If you want to play online read the following: Current versions (2014) of web browsers and of the Java plugin do not allow the playback of unsigned or self-signed Java Applets anymore. If you want to still play the games on this page you need to add my site to the list of security exceptions. Go to "Java Control Panel"->"Security"->"Sitelist" and "add" "".