Lieutnant Skat (Play Game Online)

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The Game

Lieutnant Skat is a card game for two players. It is a variation of the Skat game.  It is played with a Skat card deck with 32 cards. This application is the online version of my KDE game Lieutnant Skat.

Once dealing is finished each player ends up with 16 cards each. Cards are displayed in two vertical rows - four cards per row. Half of the cards are face down and half are face up. As a player you can see the cards of your opponent as well as your own. You can make a move then by clicking on any of your cards which are currently face up (whose move it is is shown by a little face left of the cards). The opponent has to reply by choosing a corresponding card form his/her own stack. In case of a artificial intelligence computer opponent the moves of the opponent are done automatically.

Game rules

  • Every player owns 16 cards. 8 of them are face down 8 of them are face up.

  • A face down card can only be opened after a face up card covering it has been played.

  • Each game has a randomly chosen 'trump' card (shown as symbol in the score board to the right).

  • All four Jacks are counted as trumps and do not belong to their suits.

  • If a color (e.g. heart) is selected as 'trump' all seven hearts as well as all four Jacks count as trumps, making 11 trump cards.

  • Jacks beat each other in order (greatest to least): Club->Spade->Heart->Diamond.

  • The sequence of cards for a trump color: Jack of clubs, Jack of spades, Jack of hearts, Jack of diamonds, Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Nine, Eight, Seven.

  • The sequence of cards for a non-trump color: Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Nine, Eight, Seven.

  • The values of the cards (highest to lowest):

Card Value Card Value
Ace 11 Jack 2
Ten 10 Nine 0
King 4 Eight 0
Queen 3 Seven 0

  • A special 'trump' game is called the Grand. In this game no suit is trump and only the four Jacks count as trump. This game type is indicated by the symbol of a Jack's head on the score board.

  • If player starts the round he/she has a choice of cards to play with.

  • The second player has to play the same suite the first player played (keep in mind that the jacks count to the trump suite!). Only if the second player does not have the first players's suite he/she can play any open card.

  • Only the face up cards from the player's own stack can be used to play the round.

  • Player who wins the round starts the next one.

  • The player who wins the round adds values of the cards played in that round to his/her score.

  • Player with more then 60 points wins the game.

  • If both players finish with 60 points each the game ends in a draw.

  • For each game a certain amount of victory points is awarded and added to the overall score.

Points 6061 to 9091 to 119120
Score 1234

Fine a more comprehensive manual on our documentation page for KDE games.