Quintalign (Play Game Online)

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The Game

Align five or more pieces in any horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Pieces are moved by clicking on them to active them and then clicking on the destination field. The destination field must be empty and a free path must exists between the current location and the goal.

If five or more pieces are aligned they are removed from the game board. A score is awarded for removed pieces. The more pieces are removed in one go the higher this score gets. The scoring is slightly different in KLines and Quintalign.

If no pieces are removed after moving a piece three random pieces appear on the game board. If the game board is full the game is lost.

The main difference between KLines and Quintalign is that in Quintalign you have special pieces, the joker. These jokers do not possess a special color and can substitute any color on the game board. Therefore, you can build a line from joker and color pieces. Note, however, that when moving a joker it possesses no color, that is nothing will be removed!

Note, that you can enter your name in the menu bar. Doing this before a highscore is won, will log this score under your name as personal highscore (all your games) and as global highscore (all players). 

Note, this is the online version of the KDE game KLines and my KDE game Quintalign. Please also try the KLines and Quintalign games!