Tritoc (Play Game Online)

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The Game

In Tritoc two players try to occupy a game board of 9 fields each containing 9 holes.  Each of the fields as well as the game itself is won by placing 3 pieces of the same color into any one row, coloumn or diagonal (like Tic-Tac-Toe). However, the places where to place your  pieces is determined by dice adding a luck component to the game.


The player in turn is marked with a piece of his/her color at his/her score table underneath the game fields. To start a move the dice are thrown by clicking with the mouse on them. If there is a free hole anywhere one the game board labeled with the thrown dice number, the player can place a piece of his/her color into this hole. This is done by clicking on the position on the board where the piece should go to. Possible moves are indicated by colored circles around the numbers. If no number is free the dice can be rethrown. However,  after three throws the move is over and the next player can move.
After placing a piece onto the game board the next player can throw the dice.

There are two special numbers, the 2 and 12. If a 12 is thrown a piece of the opponent can be removed unless it is in a fully occupied field.  In case of a 2 one of your own piece has to be removed.
To win a field three pieces of the same color need to be placed in any row,  column or diagonal. To win the game three fields in any row, column or diagonal  need to be occupied by one player. The game ends in a draw if no more empty numbers are available or none of the players could move for four times.


Points are awarded for winning one field (1 point) and for winning  the whole game (5 points).