KWin4 Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ChatDlgSubclass of the chat dialog provided by the KGame lib
DisplayGameThe display engine for the actual game
DisplayIntroThe view object which shows the graphics of the welcome screen animation
IntroSpriteThe sprite to display the introduction pieces and their animation
KWin4AppThe base class for Kwin4 application
KWin4DocThe game document or game engine
KWin4PlayerA player for the KWin4 game
KWin4ViewThe view object which shows the graphics for the game
KWinGraphicsViewTemporary view class for the KWin4 game
PieceSpriteThe sprite for a pixmap piece on the canvas
PixmapSpriteThis sprite is used to display a pixmap on the canvas
ScoreThe score object is a compatibility object to transfer the score between the various players and status information entities and the score widget
ScoreSpriteThe sprite for a score board on the canvas
SpriteNotifySpriteNotify provides a QObject to a sprite that allows to emit a signal from athis sprite if it is necessary to notify another object with an action of the sprite, like animation or movement finished
ThemableObjects which are connected to the theme manger must inherit from this class
ThemeManagerThe graphics theme manager

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