KWin4 File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
chatdlg.cpp [code]
chatdlg.h [code]
config-src.h [code]
displaygame.cpp [code]
displaygame.h [code]
displayintro.cpp [code]
displayintro.h [code]
introsprite.cpp [code]
introsprite.h [code]
kwin4.cpp [code]
kwin4.h [code]
kwin4doc.cpp [code]
kwin4doc.h [code]
kwin4global.h [code]
kwin4player.cpp [code]
kwin4player.h [code]
kwin4proc.cpp [code]
kwin4proc.h [code]
kwin4view.cpp [code]
kwin4view.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
piecesprite.cpp [code]
piecesprite.h [code]
pixmapsprite.cpp [code]
pixmapsprite.h [code]
prefs.cpp [code]
prefs.h [code]
score.cpp [code]
score.h [code]
scoresprite.cpp [code]
scoresprite.h [code]
spritenotify.cpp [code]
spritenotify.h [code]
thememanager.cpp [code]
thememanager.h [code]
ui_settings.h [code]
ui_statistics.h [code]
ui_statuswidget.h [code]

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