Libkdegames File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
1.cpp [code]
cardcache.cpp [code]
cardcache.h [code]
cardcache_p.h [code]
carddeckinfo.cpp [code]
carddeckinfo.h [code]
carddeckinfo_p.h [code]
kcarddialog.cpp [code]
kcarddialog.h [code]
kchat.cpp [code]
kchat.h [code]
kchatbase.cpp [code]
kchatbase.h [code]
kchatbaseitemdelegate.cpp [code]
kchatbaseitemdelegate.h [code]
kchatbasemodel.cpp [code]
kchatbasemodel.h [code]
kchatdialog.cpp [code]
kchatdialog.h [code]
kdegames_automoc.cpp [code]
kgamecanvas.cpp [code]
kgamecanvas.h [code]
kgameclock.cpp [code]
kgameclock.h [code]
kgamedifficulty.cpp [code]
kgamedifficulty.h [code]
kgamelcd.cpp [code]
kgamelcd.h [code]
kgamemisc.cpp [code]
kgamemisc.h [code]
kgamepopupitem.cpp [code]
kgamepopupitem.h [code]
kgameprogress.cpp [code]
kgameprogress.h [code]
kgamesvgdocument.cpp [code]
kgamesvgdocument.h [code]This file contains the KGameSvgDocument class, used for manipulating an SVG file using DOM
kgamesvgdocument_p.h [code]This file contains the regexs for parsing the transform attribute of an SVG file using DOM
kgametheme.cpp [code]
kgametheme.h [code]
kgamethemeselector.cpp [code]
kgamethemeselector.h [code]
kgrid2d.h [code]
kstandardgameaction.cpp [code]
kstandardgameaction.h [code]
libkdegames_export.h [code]
ui_kgamecardselector.h [code]
ui_kgamethemeselector.h [code]

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