LSkat Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AbstractDisplayAbstract display engine
AbstractEngineThe document/data object for the game
AbstractInputAbstract input device for the game
AiInputAI input device
CardSpriteThe sprite for a card on the canvas
ConfigTwoLSkat game configuration
DeckThe deck stores a card deck, handles random functions like shuffling and deals the cards
DisplayIntroThe display engine for the intro graphics animation
DisplayTwoThe display engine for a two player game
EngineTwoThe game engine for two players
GameViewThe view object which shows the graphics in a Qt graphics view
MainwindowThe main application window
MouseInputMouse input device
NameDialogWidgetThe player status widget
PixmapSpriteThis sprite is used to display a pixmap on the canvas
PlayerA player of the game
ScoreSpriteThe sprite for a score board on the canvas
TextSpriteThe sprite for a text on the canvas
ThemableObjects which are connected to the theme manger must inherit from this class
ThemeManagerThe graphics theme manager

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