LSkat File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
abstractdisplay.cpp [code]
abstractdisplay.h [code]
abstractengine.cpp [code]
abstractengine.h [code]
abstractinput.cpp [code]
abstractinput.h [code]
aiinput.cpp [code]
aiinput.h [code]
cardsprite.cpp [code]
cardsprite.h [code]
config-src.h [code]
config_two.cpp [code]
config_two.h [code]
deck.cpp [code]
deck.h [code]
display_intro.cpp [code]
display_intro.h [code]
display_two.cpp [code]
display_two.h [code]
engine_two.cpp [code]
engine_two.h [code]
gameview.cpp [code]
gameview.h [code]
lskatglobal.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
mainwindow.cpp [code]
mainwindow.h [code]
mouseinput.cpp [code]
mouseinput.h [code]
namedialogwidget.cpp [code]
namedialogwidget.h [code]
pixmapsprite.cpp [code]
pixmapsprite.h [code]
player.cpp [code]
player.h [code]
scoresprite.cpp [code]
scoresprite.h [code]
textsprite.cpp [code]
textsprite.h [code]
thememanager.cpp [code]
thememanager.h [code]
ui_namedialog.h [code]
ui_playerstatusform.h [code]

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